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    I recently took my 1956 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud to this saturday event. The cars that showed were great but I was treated rudely by a gentlemen claiming to be in charge. He told me I was parked crooked and actually asked me to leave!! I moved my car to the end of the row and observed him putting out cones and saving my previous spot for his friends! From what I saw it was a public parking lot. It is a free event. His actions were uncalled for. Is this the norm for Cars and Coffee? It is NOT a good representation at all.

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    I think you came into contact with a real anal opening. Most people are really nice at C&C. I have never been to the event you mentioned, but I have seen pics of cars there parked over the lines, in handicapped spots without the sticker, etc. Take your car back again and have a good time. Just remember, there is a jerk in every crowd.
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